b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: 1 Year Anniversary for Dream Center

Friday, February 17, 2006

1 Year Anniversary for Dream Center

It's been one year that we have had a free clinic in the Healing Place Church Dream Center in Donaldsonville! We started out in a renovated electrical closet as our exam room. (See picture) This poor closet has just not been the same since the church served as a shelter for Katrina evacuees. There are such awesome stories that we have watched unfold in this little room. God promises that if you are faithful with the small things, He will give you more. That is so true! To see what we now have in the mobile clinic is just awesome!

It is so incredible to watch God move in people's lives. There is a 26 year old lady that started coming to the Dream Center 3 weeks before she found out about our clinic. She knew she had diabetes, was feeling really bad and the last month had gone to the emergency room with a blood sugar of over 400. She was given insulin and fluids and sent home without a prescription for any medication because she couldn’t afford to buy anything anyway. She didn’t have a way to monitor her blood sugar. Her sugar reading in the clinic was 445. (Which is REALLY high for all you non-medical people.) We were able to give her a monitor, her insulin, and some basic diet instruction which she had never had. We have now seen her 3 times since that first visit. She has done very well , with blood sugars in the low 100's (which is GREAT!). We now see her mother and aunt.

All because of a few willing hearts to see what God could do with a few hours that we would give Him.


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