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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Earthquake in Peru

Cheri and I visited Lima, Peru this past June as part of a team of 12 on an 8 day medical mission’s trip. Our hearts were deeply touched by the people of Camino de Vida who hosted us during our stay. Our prayers go out to them as they work tirelessly around the clock to provide aid to the victims of the recent earthquake. The people we encountered during our stay were loving and very appreciative of our efforts to bring medical help. We partnered with JV Ministries led by Pastor Jordon and Vaness Durso for the medical outreaches. They lead a team of doctors and dentists on outreaches in and around Lima about 30 times a year bringing not only healing but more importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a spiritually lost people. What I witnessed was nothing but agape love for the people of Peru by the church called Camino de Vida. And, this was during a time without a natural disaster to draw attention to them.

As the relief efforts get going south of Lima, Healing Place Church is sending nearly 30 men on what will be a first wave to assist with the building of 3 refugee camps that the government of Peru has asked Camino de Vida to administer for the victims of this earthquake. Shelter is badly needed for these people as they are in the middle of their winter down there and the cold is taking its toll on people who have lost everything in the wake of this earthquake. Please join us in prayer for the relief effort as well as the lives that are touched for His Glory. Through it all we know that God will show Himself as faithful and full of mercy toward the hurting in Peru.


Joseph and Cheri


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