b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: April Update 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

April Update 2006

Greetings to all! Thank you for all of your prayers for this outreach. The Lord continues to bless our efforts. I would like to give you a quick update.

April 2006
4 clinics
96 patients
62 volunteers

I wanted to share with you about one of our patients we started seeing in April that demonstrates so dramatically why God has called us to do this.

There is a 37 year old man who was trying to get a better paying job. He was cleared to be hired if he passed his work physical, but his blood pressure was 220/120! He had no idea that he had any medical problems. He was told that he couldn’t be hired until his blood pressure was treated and controlled. But he had no money to see a doctor or to get the medications. A friend told him about a free mobile clinic at a local church. He contacted the church and we saw him in early April. Not only are we treating him for his blood pressure and giving him his medications, but after meeting with our prayer partners he has starting coming to this same church!

So many lives are being touched. One young man came to another clinic because of a nosebleed who had never been to this church, but had heard about the clinic. He was so moved by the compassion of the men (the prayer partners) that after prayer he opened up to them and told them about bondage that he was in. They were able to talk with him, advise him, and pray for him. That same night in the church was a men’s bible study. (God’s timing!) One of the men brought him into the church and he stayed for his first EVER introduction to the Bible. I know that this story is just beginning; this was less than a week ago.

I could go on and on, but I want to share with you the miraculous day at one of the FEMA trailer communities for the Katrina evacuees that we had on Saturday May 6th. (This should be in the May update, but I just can’t wait to tell you.) After much prayer, we arrived expecting to make a difference in the name of Jesus. And we were not disappointed. We only saw 25 patients that morning, but many more than that came just to talk to us and pray with us!! We had one man who accepted salvation right there! One of the stories that had me crying in the clinic was a lady, Gloria, who lived at the other end of the trailer park from where we were parked. The government had closed the cafeteria down (where residents had been getting 3 meals a day) 2 days before. One young man had been waiting outside the cafeteria on Friday which was close to Gloria’s trailer. She saw him and went to remind him that there were no more meals coming. Gloria said that he was mentally challenged and didn’t seem to understand. So, she fixed him some breakfast. This was Friday. On Saturday morning she couldn’t get him off her mind, so she fixed him breakfast again with the little that she had and brought it to him. It was on her way to bring breakfast to him that she saw the mobile clinic (it’s hard to miss Ele) and one of our team started talking to her. She began crying as she told me this story because she was out of some of her medications and had no way to buy them. We were able to give her 2 months of her medications. If she had not gone out of her way to bless this young man, she would not have been able to be blessed herself. As we both wiped our eyes and walked out of the clinic, the truck with pantry food items from Healing Place Church had just arrived. So we were able to have Gloria show us exactly where this young man lived so we could bring him some food and was able to give her some as well. Not only did God replace the food she had given with much more than she gave out, but she was also supplied with her medications. God is so good!!

Well, I guess this wasn’t a quick update after all. But I wanted to share with you what your contributions and prayers are doing for us here in South Louisiana. May God bless and refresh each of you.


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