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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Miracle of Circumstance

This past Saturday, November 10, 2007, the Healing Hands team rolled into the Donaldsonville Dream Center for what appeared to be a regular clinic with one exception. We had a little old Chinese lady on the schedule and I don't like to use the word "old" for she was young at heart. Please allow me to tell the story from the beginning.

I was approached by a Chinese man several weeks ago about getting his mother, Ms. Wong for anonymity, into the medical clinic for some medical problems she was having. I immediately said yes and tried to get her scheduled in St. Francisville the week before. However, due to circumstances beyond my control we could not see her there and I felt somewhat responsible but did not understand that God wanted her to be seen in Donaldsonville. I pushed our clinic coordinator in Donaldsonville to give me an appointment time which is somewhat out of character for me. I didn't know why at the time but I just felt in my spirit that she had to be seen on this day.

During her appointment time on Saturday morning we were being visited by a church group from Orlando, Florida. One of the team members from Orlando unknown to us had just gotten back from a mission trip to China. Gretchen ran into our Ms. Wong and while we were showing her team the medical clinic. And the miracle of this circumstance followed. Gretchen had just gotten back from the same town that this lady was from! Praise God! Also, Gretchen spoke the language and was able to communicate with her directly as she did not speak English and we needed her son for interpretations. Gretchen and Ms. Wong shared stories and pictures off of a lap top and the story gets even better. Gretchen is headed back to China in 6 months for a follow up mission trip to the same town that Ms. Wong is from and will connect with Ms. Wong's daughter who still lives in China. Gretchen was able to pray with Ms. Wong and I will never forget the look of joy on Ms. Wong's face as she went around hugging everyone in the clinic. She was saying God loves you!...God loves you! Thank you! Thank you!

How much does God love us? Enough to move heaven and earth to meet you wherever you are. He loves Ms. Wong enough to bring a lady all the way from Orlando on the very same day that she was visiting our clinic to be loved on and made to feel welcome in a country she hardly knows.

God loves you and I hope this story encourages you in knowing that in some small way. Thanks to all of our volunteers and to the team from Orlando for making this day a very special one in God's eyes. All Glory and Honor to Christ our Lord and Savior for what He did today.

Because He Loves You,
Joseph and Cheri



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