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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Airport 1

My husband is one of the drivers of our mobile medical unit which we call Ele. (See my first post if you are curious about the name). He recorded some thoughts about our outreach earlier today. I wanted to share this with you.

9:00am to 1:00pm

FEMA Trailer Park – Airport 1 (Hollier Court)

Mobile Medical Outreach with Cooking for Christ and ICU

We departed from HPC in Ele at 8:00am for Airport 1. This was our second time to the FEMA trailer park and we had greater expectations of what our Lord Jesus Christ was going to do. We arrived to meet a team of volunteers already on the ground as well as Cooking for Christ (CFC) who always have it goin’ on. Upon arriving we gathered for prayer inviting the Lord to bless our labor.

Alliece volunteered to go door to door with her team inviting the trailer park community to come out for free medical attention and to let the residents know we would be serving free food for lunch. The community there pretty much stays locked in their trailers and appears to be lifeless. The people there need to have a reason to come out and CFC and the Medical team gave them that reason, believing by faith that they would have an encounter with Jesus.

There was one particular man named "H" that Alliece was able to convince that he needed to come out and experience the love that was being served. When he came over to the tent area where we were set up, Alliece introduced him to the CFC men. The CFC men immediately surrounded him with love and prayer. I was in the administration trailer along with Kevin, an occupational therapist, at the time this was going on ministering to one of the residents on site. Alliece’s team came over to the trailer and asked if I would go talk to "H". As I approached the scene I remember thinking, ‘why do they need me’? CFC had already surrounded "H" and the Holy Spirit was all over this. I humbly joined in the prayer and remember sensing a brokenness in "H". I knew I was not to leave his side until I had a chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.

As "H" spoke, I could sense anger and disappointment in his voice and his situation. You see "H" had been told and had experienced first hand that nobody cared for him. His dad had died recently and he said that his dad was all he had. He had had four heart attacks and recently in the FEMA trailer park a stroke. As he told me all the things that he had experienced I knew in my spirit that the Lord himself was keeping him alive and "H" was ready to receive the good news of Jesus Christ.

I asked "H" if he had seen the doctor yet and he said no. He was blown away by the compassion of CFC and the volunteers in Healing Hands. I turned "H" over to the Healing Hands team but not before giving him a bible and encouraging him in the word. The rest of the story is the truly amazing part. The volunteers loved on "H", as well as everyone else, at each station. He was never alone and everyone expressed love and joy to him. I remember peering out of the administration trailer where Kevin and I were praying with people and seeing "H" talking to one of the volunteers and seeing a glowing smile on his face. He was still clinging to the bible I had given him and my spirit soared to see his spirit lifted.

I wondered did we really make a difference. Well, as we were picking up for the day, "H" came over to me with bible still in hand and he shook my hand with a big smile on his face and said, “Thank You”. If all we did was go to the FEMA trailer park that day for "H" it was worth it. We planted seed and I know the Holy Spirit will make it grow. My prayer is that "H" will get plugged in to a life giving church. He believes he will return to New Orleans and I believe it will be with a different mission…one for Christ.

In His service,


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