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Sunday, January 06, 2008

He died for all our sins and for everyone

The first clinic outreach for the new year was held in St. Francisville, Louisiana this past Saturday, January 5,2008. Cheri and I were so blessed to arrive on site and see 28 volunteers eager and ready to love and love, and did I say love? The love of Christ was all over the place and I kept hearing from new volunteers how they could not believe how much everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves like they were at some big family gathering. Both the patients and the volunteers were interacting like at all of our other clinics, but, there was something almost tangible in the air. The story of one young patient named "Floyd" tells it all.

This was Floyd's third visit to our clinic for a tooth extraction. He was turned down the first time because he had high blood pressure and I was amazed in talking to him because he was young and looked healthy and we all thought well maybe it is just a touch of being anxious and nervous. But, I also knew he was lost and God had a purpose in him returning...prayer! His second visit was to see Dr. Cheri to confirm high blood pressure and to be treated. Again...more prayer for Floyd. This past Saturday was the visit that would bring young Floyd relief in a tooth being pulled. But, as he waited one of our volunteers, Alissa, kept sensing that she should bless Floyd with one of her son's new Christian Rap CD's. What Alissa discovered was that Floyd sang Rap music but had never heard any Christian Rap. He was so touched that he left the clinic with the CD and listened to the songs before his next appointment. And, this is the part that touched us all. He said, "I have never heard this type of music before but it is good...and, I think I could make songs like this." Praise God! A seed was sown and we trust Our Lord to water it and make it grow.

For He has not called us to choose who may come but to love all so that they may choose of their own free will to come to Him.

To God Be The Glory!

Because He Lives,
Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can not tell you the blessing i recieved at the Spanish Campus....the people were welcoming and the dentist and other personel were really helpful and so kind....in just a few weeks i will recieve my dentures....what a blessing.


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