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Sunday, June 18, 2006

St. Francisville Here We Come!

Wow, what an awesome day! My husband, Joe, and I were given the honor of going to HPC St. Francisville Church (SF) today. They were having their Life Group Fair. This is when all the different groups get a chance to meet and talk to people who might be interested in joining their small group. They already have things like Cooking For Christ, Singles, Young People, just to name a few.

Healing Hands has had a heart to go to St. Francisville to begin an outreach clinic there. We have just been waiting for the proper time. We have been coordinating schedules with Pastor Timmy Straight (Pastor of SF). We always launch a church clinic site with a Community Health Day. So, we already have scheduled this for Saturday, July 29th. We are inviting others from the community to participate, such as the Health Unit.

Pastor Timmy invited me to address the whole church to explain to them about the Community Health Day, as well as the Healing Hands Mobile Clinic. What an honor! My biggest problem is that it's hard to talk about all that God has done through this ministry in just a couple of minutes. Well, I kept it to just 5 minutes (sorry Pastor Timmy if I went too long).

I love this church! There were so many people who were so excited and supportive of our outreach. This was confirmation to me that we are going in the right direction. Many spoke to me of people that they knew who were working, but could not afford healthcare. Not only were we informed of the need, but people also stepped up and said they would be there to help us.

I'll keep you posted!


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