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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Day of Mercy

The Mercy Seat of God. What an awesome place to be, full of love and compassion. God gifted us this day to be His hands extending to show His love to people that thought they were forgotten.

What a great team we had that served with us this day. We had 21 from Baton Rouge, 6 from Richmond,Virginia and numerous servants from Firehouse, VERBO Church, and others of the local body of Christ.

At 9am they began lining up in very cold weather, but our team had warm smiles on their faces and mercy in their hearts. We quickly began registering and evaluating them. Many arrived without a coat, and the local church was distributing coats that had been collected from all over, including Baton Rouge and St. Francisville.

The Bible states that the Harvest is plentiful, and we certainly experienced that today.

These men were brought from hotels and other shelters where many slept on cement floors at night, and worked cleaning and rebuilding New Orleans all day. Some were blessed to have steady work, others never knew what the day would hold.
We saw many that had stomach problems. As we listened to what a typical day was like for them, we saw a pattern. Many worked jobs where they were not allowed to eat all day long. They left early in the morning and were kept on a rooftop all day. By the time they stopped at night, they were starving and would eat what they could and often suffered the stomach pains associated with this type of lifestyle.

Hearing their stories makes you think about the grace we live under and sometimes take for granted. This day was about showing mercy, and it was also thanksgiving.

There are so many stories still coming out of this day. We will share some over the next week or two. So, please check back often. Right now we will get some rest.

The picture with the 4 people are Loretta, Cindy and Dr. Ken from Virginia and me. The group photo is our wonderful team from Baton Rouge and St. Francisville.


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