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Saturday, November 04, 2006

St. Francisville 11.4.06

What an awesome day! The weather was so beautiful today for our clinic at HPC St. Francisville. We had 14 people who sacrificed this day to serve others. But what we thought was a sacrifice turned into a blessing for us. Great fellowship and a wonderful meal at the end. (Yes, we always seem to eat well at this clinic!)

We served 21 people this day! I heard one of our volunteers say what a change she saw in the faces of several of our patients. Women walked in the first time 3 months ago without a smile and hardly meeting anyone eye to eye because of shame that they felt for needing the help and fear of not knowing how they would be received. But each visit they found people who genuinly show the love of Christ every step of the way, from our receptionists to our prayer partners. Now these women walk into the Church with smiles on their face greeting people that they now consider friends. One told me today that she had been looking forward to coming to the clinic all week.

There are no 1st class or 2nd class people in the Kingdom of God, at the foot of the cross or in these clinics. Praise God!


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Jason Guidry said...

We suprised you. You got PUNK'D! Happy B-Day!


At 12:45 PM, Blogger The Zengerles said...

Hey Dr. Cheri I am so happy for you guys and the great work you are doing! Tell your hubby hello for me!! I have been in a season of transition and it has been AWESOME.

Please call me at 225-819-6952. I have some important questions to ask about our Moblil Clinic in El Paso.

Check out our blog at buckandesther@blogspot.com

In Christ alone,
Buck and family


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