Friday, November 03, 2006


It has been nearly three weeks since our last post and there is so much to update on. We reached out to our Spanish campus in Gonzales, LA as well as the Mount Olive Trailer Park in north Baton Rouge, LA. I am always amazed at the diversity of people in each of our travels. We serve a great big God and my world grows as I reach out into His kingdom.

Last night we reached into a world that is surrounded by darkness as we went into the Donaldsonville Dream Center. The Pastor there is Mark Stermer, a man gifted and anointed by God to reach into that hard ground. A former special-services marine soldier, whom God has trained up, to war against the enemy in reaching the lost for Christ. I consider it an honor to team up with him in taking back what Satan has stolen.

Our weapons are love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, peace, joy, self-control and faith through prayer by the Holy Spirit along with a little thing we call Ele. Ele is short for Eleos, our mobile medical unit. Eleos is Greek for compassion in action. And we had a lot of action last night. I can see life coming forth from the ground there. The ground is hard, but the team there on the ground is working the soil and planting seed. God is watering it by His spirit and we can see the difference it is making in the lives of people in that community for the cause of Christ.

One story I would like to share is of a man, whom I will call Paul. I have seen him bringing his wife of less than a year to the clinic to see our team of medical providers. I do not know what medical problems his wife is dealing with, but I have watched Paul and his actions over the past few months, and I could tell he was struggling in his walk. I was hopeful that the Lord would give me an opportunity to pray and talk with this young man.

God is faithful and He made a way. Paul was not seen by our clinic staff but asked the receptionist if someone could pray with him. Glory to God! Vickie Ohlerking, a first time volunteer, came out to Ele as we were picking up at the end and said there was a man who would like prayer. It was Paul!

As we walked around the Dream Center looking for an open door, I noticed his desire to stay close and not say anything negative. He really wanted prayer because I must have pulled on about 5 doors before finding a small office door open for us to talk in. Our persistence paid off as Paul started to pour his heart out to me and God with the things he was dealing with. As I listened, he spoke more and more concerning his battle with the enemy.

Paul has a desire to walk after God and he was frustrated with the enemy’s apparent victory and constant bombardment. I encouraged him with the Word and we prayed in agreement for his walk to be victorious. I encouraged him to stay plugged in to the local church and for him to continue to pray for his wife and to serve her. I know that God will raise up a standard against the enemy on behalf of Paul and I give God all the Glory for what he is doing!

Thanks to all who have sown a seed into this ministry as you are sharing in the crop that is tended to.

Because He Lives,
Joseph LeBlanc


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