b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: Dream Center Clinic 9.14.06

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dream Center Clinic 9.14.06

We continue to have the same experience at each clinic: every clinic is different. That is the ONLY thing that is the same, change. We had another incredible clinic at the Dream Center in Donaldsonville. This is a very challenging area because the needs are so huge, and we always have the least amount of volunteers.

But God is faithful, and He shows Himself strong especially when we are not. We were a team of 9, and what a wonderful team it was. For the first time ever we had more nurses than anything else. And you know what? Without being asked 2 of the nurses moved into areas they usually don't do. One became a prayer partner and one a receptionist. Our other receptionist actually had to take a vacation day off of work to come and volunteer!

One lady in a wheelchair arrived crying because of the pain she was in just moving around to get to us. When she left the prayer room she was smiling, obvious that her spirits were lifted, and insisted on being wheeled around to give everyone a hug to thank us. Then we were the ones crying.

Pictures above are some of the nurses in the mobile unit, the prayer room in the church nursery and our waiting room in the church lobby. And of course Ele (mobile clinic) in front of the church.


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