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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spanish Campus 8-19-06

Just a few days back from Cameron (we'll post more on that in days to come) and we are off to the Spanish Campus in Gonzales. This is one of our busiest clinics because we are blessed with having a pediatrician, Dr. Tara Ryan and Dr. Roth, a chiropracter, who both volunteer at this clinic once a month.

At this clinic we also had a nurse practitioner, Tracy Parker. So, we expanded beyond Ele's walls to the church where we have Dr. Roth and Tracy stationed.

Final numbers are yet to be counted, but it is over 40 patients. Because of the number of new patients, our 4 hour clinic became 5 hours. And people waited without complaining. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning.

It is so wonderful to see people who we have been treating for a few months. One man that was diagnosed with diabetes 2 months ago, given a monitor, and place on meds last month is doing great. He also tells me that when he used to work in construction up high, bending over he would get dizzy. But now he no longer feels bad, and has more energy. It's all about relationship. And we have so many new ones as a result of this outreach.


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