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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Katrina Crisis again

Donaldsonville Dream Center Clinic was Thursday August 10th. We saw 23 patients, 6 of them were new to us. The needs can be so overwhelming. So many people think that the Katrina crisis is over. Well, let me tell you about this man.

He is a very pleasant 57 year old man that used to live in the 9th Ward in New Orleans. Of course, it isn’t there any more. He has a mild mental slowness, but extremely pleasant and agreeable. His health care for his diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease prior to Katrina had been at the Charity Clinic in downtown New Orleans (which also no longer exists). He was evacuated to the Dream Center Church shelter and he and his sister have stayed in the community, with no where else to go.

Sometime after the storm, he was assessed by someone and because of his high blood sugar and blood pressure he was given a Medicaid card so he could have access to doctors and medications in his new location. Sounds good, right?

His sister has found work, but he has been unable to. In May he was told that his medical card would not be effective after the end of the month. He had medication until the end of June and that was it. No one helped him to point him in a direction where he could go. Just that your on your own. His family sought help from the church to help pay for his medications. All 12 of them! The church called us to get him an appointment for our free mobile clinic.

For him and his sister, the crisis has started all over again. She knows that if he can’t keep his multiple chronic medical conditions under control, he could have a stroke, another heart attack or die.

Our Pastor preached a series months ago about reaching the world by serving one. What if every Christian reached out to just one? Can you think of the possibilities?


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