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Friday, July 14, 2006

July 13th Outreach

Wow - what a wonderful outreach we had at the Dream Center! One thing is always certain is that each clinic is different. This one was no exception.

My husband, Joe, drove Ele, which he has never done to Donaldsonville. It is always great when we can serve together. He usually only drives on the weekends. We had a very small servant crew, but with the Grace of God, we took care of everyone.

We saw 23 patients that day between myself and Kevin, our AWESOME occupational therapist/prayer warrior. He always wears 2 hats at our clinics. Actually, I think everyone of our "experienced" servants wear at least 2 hats.

This clinic was particularly difficult for me. It has been a very exhausting week. Since we have not been able to find Ele a place in the shade with 'shore power' so we can run the AC all the time, it usually gets very hot inside Ele. The thermostat was reading 99 degrees when we got there to put the medications inside. (Because of the heat we have to pull the medications out each time we have a clinic. I store them in Joe's office! Sorry Joe!) We had gotten it down to 91 degrees when we left HPC parking lot. When clinic started I think we were at 90 degrees. The heat just wore me out!

What was great about our volunteers - not a one ever complained. But they did mention that they would devote more prayer time to Ele getting a 'house'!

The lesson for me in this clinic (we learn something at each one): It doesn't matter how we "feel" when we are doing God's will. Because it is not about us. It is about HIM and what He wants to acccomplish through us. It's up to us if we choose to have the right attitude about it and enjoy it.

People that day were blessed in so many ways. One man needed medications that I have never had available before that day. They had been given to me for the free clinic, but I didn't remember putting them in the clinic. He had a seizure disorder and couldn't afford his medications, and had had 2 seizures in the last couple of weeks. So when I went to look for them I found them in the first drawer I opened. When I told the man that I had his medications he looked as amazed as I felt. Because of this need of his being met, he went to the prayer partners telling them about his miracle. He was so moved that God would take care of him and provide for him that he rededicated his life to the Lord.

I try to never forget to push myself out of the equation. These people that we are serving don't need to see me; they need to see Jesus. And if I am in a foul mood they can't see Him. And if they can't see Jesus, then we are just another medical clinic.

I have a favor to ask of anyone reading this who wants to make a difference with us. Please pray for us during our outreaches. We will begin posting our schedules so you know when we are at an outreach. Our next one is in just a few hours. We will be in a Spanish community Saturday morning from 8 am until noon. I'll post something about it as soon as I can.



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