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Friday, June 30, 2006

Our partners

We need to give much thanks to the people and organizations who have helped us to aquire and run the mobile clinic. Of course, it would not be possible without God and His provision. I thank these people for allowing God to work through them to provide for us, so that we can do what God has called us to do.

Healing Place Church owns and maintains the mobile unit. Healing Hands is a ministry under the authority of Pastor Johnny Green and Pastor Dino Rizzo. Their guidance is incredible for Joe and myself.

PRC Compassion, which is an organization of related churches who responded to the Katrina and Rita disasters. I am blessed to have been working with them since the day after Katrina hit. What began as a mobile clinic in the back of my car, progressed to a rented RV, and eventually to the Mobile Clinic we now have. PRC is still very active in the recovery process.

Northwest Medical Teams were such a great help to us even in the first week of the disaster. They provided us with rented vans to send medical teams to the church shelters and then to the relief centers. They also provided us with many medications. When I approached them with the vision of a mobile clinic, they were very generous in making a financial donation.

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California (near San Francisco). This awesome church has an incredible missions team who partnered with other churches in their area to send 4 medical missions teams to the Katrina disaster area. We were blessed to be able to act as their hosts while here. These 40 people worked tirelessly to help our people. As God-relationships form, and continue to blossom, they also saw the vision of a mobile clinic. Many of these churches made financial contributions to see this work of God continue. Another awesome church involved is the Saratogo Federated Church in Saratogo, California.

Seacoast Church in South Carolina has also made a financial donation. They are wanting to send a medical mission team to help us in our outreaches. We hope to have them here in August.

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a supporter as well. (Maybe one day I'll get to meet her!)

We have also had many personal contributors; some from as far away as Kentucky. Only God can make those connections. We received a check from a lady in our church who wants to support what we are doing. I've had patients in my private practice hand me a $20 bill to put toward what God is doing through us. There is no amount that is too small. Remember the lady who gave 2 pennies in the offering who caught the eye of Jesus (Mark 12:41-44) Every person who helps either with their time, talent or funds is a part of the blessing when we touch souls in the name of Jesus.

I try not to focus on what the cost of providing services are. We are very frugal with the use of our funds. Many doctors offices are helping to provide us with sample medications. We have had mechanics donate their time to provide maintance on Ele. We have a member of our church who's business involves emptying water waste, so he empties the mobile clinic waste water at no charge. This is the Lord's outreach, we are blessed to be allowed to help with it. Where God guides, He provides.


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