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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Band-aids Door-to-Door

We are preparing for a "Community Health Day" in St. Francisville, Louisiana this Saturday, July 29th. We are trying to put community resources together with people who need the resources. We also have been able to arrange for basic screening tests, courtesy of the health unit and local hospital. We will have the mobile clinic there and we are prepared to treat anyone with abnormalities and no insurance.

In preparation for this event, the team in St. Francisville Healing Place Church did many outreaches and passed out about 900 flyers. I asked Lori, the leader in SF to tell us about their adventure into some of the needy areas. Here is her reply:

"Eleven wonderful Healing Hands volunteers braved the heat and humidity on Saturday, July 22 for a door-to-door outreach in several St.Francisville neighborhoods to promote the upcoming HPC Community HealthDay. (Special thanks to Henry McIntosh for driving the Healing Place Church shuttle bus so the team could be together and share experiencesas we moved from neighborhood to neighborhood.)

As we knocked on each door, we invited them to the Health Day, left a flyer with details and blessed them with a box of band-aids. Band-aids may not seem like much, but the response was so cool! One man commented as he flipped chicken on the bar-b-que grill, "A box of band-aids is just what I need. I have3 sons that are always getting cuts and scrapes!" A woman we met in her apartment parking lot related that "Just today my son got hurt and I was out of them. Thanks!" She had heard about HPC and asked about the service time and location. Hopefully, we'll see her soon.

People seemed to appreciate that we took time to invite them personally. Our heart was to go to the neighborhoods where people may have the greatest need and may not access the Health Day services without some encouragement. I think that mission was accomplished.....One man stated, "No one ever comes into our neighborhood to help us. Thank You." While we were there to pass along a blessing to each home visited, WE were the ones blessed over and over again! To God be the Glory! --Lori"

Spreading the love of Jesus door-to-door! Please pray for this outreach and we'll give you an update after the event.


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