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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Children's Cup in Africa

I want to let ya'll (yes, I live in South Louisiana and say "ya'll" all the time) in on something awesome that you can be a part of.

Children's Cup is a wonderful organization that is showing the love of Jesus to hurting children in Swaziland, Africa. They have what are called "Care Points" to help children in very practical ways all while loving on them in a manner that few have experienced before. The picture is one of their newest Care Point. Children's Cup has devoted August 1st through Sept. 9th as time for prayer. Please read the stories of children they are encountering there. Then you can follow along with their daily prayer devotional online, or you can request a printed copy. You can find their link to the 40 days of prayer here, or on the sidebar. Read the blogs of the missionaries on the ground in Swaziland right now.

Healing Hands is praying about taking a medical mission trip here in the future. So, I strongly encourage all of our volunteers to begin to pray for these children and the missionaries. Who knows? Maybe God will call you to be a part of this.



At 6:54 PM, Blogger Big Ear Creations said...

Very cool... my wife and I were missionaries in Ghana, so I think this is wonderfull

Bless ya eh (You say ya'll... we Canadians will stick with eh) Eh



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