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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cameron Day 3

Yes, we made it back. Since I didn't post immediately I've had some calls asking if we made it home.

These few days were some of the spiritually hardest days I've ever had. We saw a total of 157 patients in 2 clinic days. We gave out probably close to 500 different medications for free. For most chronic medications we were able to give them 3 months of pills. We gave out 15 glucometers (diabetes machines) to diabetics who had not had a machine since Rita hit 11 months ago. The needs and the stories were overwhelming. It was all so much need in such a short amount of time. We loved on these people, prayed with them and poured out our heart. We left empty.

PRC Compassion came on Tuesday (Day 3) and what a blessing they were. They helped Joe and David cook another meal for 300 people. They walked around and talked and prayed with people as they waited to be seen in the clinic. It was awesome to see so many needs being met. The body of Christ truly coming together to be a "healing place for a hurting world".

As I have reflected back on why these days were so hard for me. I've been blessed to be on 2 mission trips in the past to Honduras and Uganda, Africa. I've seen mass amounts of people in a short time with the same type of need. Why should it be easier to accept that level of need in 3rd world countries than in our own back yard? Jesus doesn't see these people any different. They are still God's children.

We take so much for granted in America. So many people say they can't go on a mission's trip because they don't have the time or the money to go to another country. THE SAME NEED IS RIGHT HERE. This precious team from Seacoast Church saw this as a mission trip. Look at the tremendous impact they made. I'm putting out the challenge, step out and help someone close to where you are. Need is everywhere. I know it's been said so many times that your mind just skips right over it, but really listen to this. If every Christian helped someone once a week or even once a month, what a wonderful world this would be!

I'll be posting more stories about our trip in the days to come! Stay tuned.

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