b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: Cameron Day 1

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cameron Day 1

Well, we made it! Once we made it down the bridge, we entered another world. It’s hard to comprehend the devastation still in place 11 months later.

The first picture is entering the marsh land. The second picture is not that great, but if you look closely to the right of the picture you will see a house just sitting in the middle of the swamp. Tossed there by Rita. We saw about 3 of these. There were a few cars and trucks as well.

As we entered Cameron, you could see cement steps on a foundation. No sign of a house. It broke my heart to see all these steps leading to nowhere. Where are those people now? What is their story? Some were rebuilding, but most were not.

We arrived and arranged our vehicles: Ele (mobile clinic), the RV, and a borrowed trailer which carried the cooking items and also has some sleeping quarters.


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