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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stories from Cameron

Here is another picture from Cameron. This is Ann Ziegler who leads our receptionist team for Healing Hands. She was the first one who was able to greet our patients and start the paperwork with release forms. It was very hot, but she greeted everyone with a smile.

So many stories to tell, which we will continue to post. Hopefully we will have some from the Seacoast team soon.

This story really took me by surprise. For those of you who don't live in South Louisiana, let me give you a little history on our culture. Since we are at, or below sea level, our cemeteries are above ground. I'm sure you can use your imagination to know what happens when 8 feet of water and tremendous winds come onshore.

One of the ladies I prayed with after examining her and taking care of her medical concerns, began crying. She explained that it has just been so much, with loosing her home, now living in a FEMA trailer, lost her job because the business she worked for no longer exists. Just 2 weeks ago they found her mother's casket on the west side of Lake Charles, miles away. So, after burying her mother 2 years ago, she had to bury her again. Think about that for a moment. What could I do? I just held her and cried with her, and allowed the Holy Spirit to comfort her and remind her that Jesus was with her and would not leave her.

How many others need to be reminded that Jesus has not forgotten them. That this place is only temporary. That eternity will be in a place with no tears, if we only believe in our Savior.


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May God Bless you Cheri and your entire ministry at HPC!


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