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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 2 - Leadership Network

Sorry, no pictures. Too much time learning from others and dreaming, and listening for God's soft still voice to tell us what direction we need to go in. Because it's His direction we want.

We are learning so much from each other. Some clinics do some things so well, but have never thought of other things. For example, one clinic is known as a Christian clinic - not directly connected to a church, but has 6 churches that they partner with for financial and volunteer resources. But they don't have any structured "prayer partners" availble during their clinic hours. So much to learn from each other. None of them had ever thought of a mobile clinic as part of their ability to do outreach into needing communities close by their standing clinics.

What they challenged us with yesterday is what we see our ministries being in 2 years, what steps are needed to get it there. Then to break it down to what are our goals for the next 6 months and devise a plan on how to achieve it.

So, I'm taking a pole. Let me know what YOU see as some short term and long term goals for Healing Hands. Here is your chance to dream with us.


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