b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: Mt. Olive Trailer Outreach 9.19.06

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mt. Olive Trailer Outreach 9.19.06

It has been nearly 13 months since Hurricane Katrina leveled southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Our outreach to be the healing hands of Christ extended at Mount Olive on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 struck us as if it was only 13 days after the storm instead of 13 months. The pain and suffering has not diminished. I would like to share a couple of stores to this point.

My name is Joseph LeBlanc, and you guessed it, I am Doctor Cheri's husband. I also drive the mobile medical clinic to the sites as needed. After I set up the clinic for the team I change hats and become a prayer partner. The medical team can only do so much in the natural. Prayer and an ear to listen can bring so much more healing to the people we see in our outreaches. Mount Olive was no exception in this regard.

One man who came just for blood pressure medicine to stabilize himself before surgery was blessed by our team at every touch before sitting down with me for prayer. As I listened to him speak, he started to weep. His family had been torn apart by the storm and trying to get back together has been difficult at best. He apologized to me for crying, saying that he should be stronger than this and didn't want anyone to see him crying. I knew that the Holy Spirit was present and I assured him that there was no shame in crying. He felt alone and forgotten in the FEMA trailer park. My prayer with him was personal, but I know that God will reunite him with his mother and family for the glory of God, because He loves us.

Another gentleman was battling depression. He stated that he thanked God for saving him from the storm. He also had not seen his mother since the storm. I encouraged him to get into the Word, he commented that he could not read since he lost his reading glasses in the storm. We had brand new reading glasses in the mobile unit and I blessed him with two pair. I will never forget the smile and the joy on his face as he tried them on.

Why do we do this? For the glory of God and to bring the message and hope of Jesus Christ.

Because He lives,
Joseph LeBlanc


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