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Monday, September 18, 2006

Spanish Time! 9.17.06

Our monthly clinic in Gonzales, LA, began with a much smaller volunteer crew than we usually have, but God is faithful.

We saw 40 people that day with 4 providers: an internist, nurse practioner, pediatrician, and chiropracter. It was a great day. But what was even greater was the blessings that came from other directions.

There was a church member at HPC Spanish Campus that had been going to church there for 2 months and had gone to her first church prayer meeting the night before, and found out about the clinic outreach scheduled for the next day. She decided to come check it out. We were short a couple of translators, and guess what her job is? Medical translation!!!! Needless to say, we put her to use immediately and she is excited to become part of our team there!!

A patient was walking in as one of the nurses was attempting to draw blood on a difficult vein. The patient asked if she could try, as she is a phlebotomist! After talking with her, she had to move here from up north because her younger sister is in need of 24 hour care and she came to be with more family. She has been unable to work because of her family commitments and has felt worthless because there was nothing she could do to contribute to the Kingdom. When I told her how needed and valued her service to us would be, she was glowing! She will make arrangements with her other family so she can have those 4 hours to donate to God in this clinic every month. Her whole countanence changed and she saw her purpose.

What blessings could you receive if you bless someone with your time and talent? We are blessed to be a blessing. Every one of our volunteers make an impact in many people's lives at every clinic, and usually walk away with their own spirits lifted and weights taken away. Try it, you just might like it.

Thank you, Jesus, for another incredible clinic.


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