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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blessings of Shelving

Isn't it crazy some of the things we get so excited about. Who would have thought we would be in joyful tears about being blessed with shelving? Let me explain.

For Healing Hands to be ready to roll 3 Saturdays a month, there is a lot of "behind the scenes" activity that has to happen. We have had several awesome people assume this task, and currently that guy is Kevin Lalonde. And his prayer has been to have the proper shelving in our storage units so that we can be organized. Kevin has "owned" his position as our warehouse guy, often spending hours alone going through the boxes given to us after Hurricane Katrina. He views this time as his opportunity to commune with God as he works. (What a heart!)

Anyway, as our current funding for the rental of these storage units comes to an end more suddenly than anticipated, our need for shelving has escalated dramatically so we can be more efficient with our space rental. Meanwhile, God had it all under control. I had found out about a lady who was going to Cuba on a missions trip and needed supplies. Our heart at Healing Hands is to be a blessing to as many people as we can who are serving the poor. I offered to share some of our supplies with her. She came to pick up the supplies last week, and I told her about our situation. After we blessed her, she asked what she could do for us. We told her about our need for shelving. She offered to buy what we needed, met with Kevin the next day and purchased our shelving.

Sowing and reaping is a Biblical principle that works! And I know that it will work for Claire Padial as she has sown into Healing Hands. I trust that her business, Padial Real Estate will be blessed in return. Thanks Claire, for coming into our lives just when needed. As I've heard it said often, God is usually not early, but He is always on time.

Please join us in praying for the funding that we need for our new storage units. We know He will provide because we serve the poor.

Blessings, Cheri


At 1:32 PM, Blogger yacoob said...

Thanks Mr.Kevin Lalonde for providing us with great shelving which is very use full for us in our day to day life because managing our collection was very tough job before but now it’s too easy to manage it because of good flexible shelving


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