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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Honduras Medical Team

On June 28, 2008 we left for a week long adventure into the mountains of Northern Honduras to a region called Atlantida in a small village community named Rio Viejo where Healing Hands International Ministries is based out of serving the nearly 15,000 people there. Dr. Martin Williams and his wife Wendy lead Healing Hands International Ministries and were our hosts for the week.

The vision that God has given Dr. Martin and Wendy to reach the people of the region is one of not only focusing on the people their but also one of focus on the teams that come to be a blessing. This was a special time and place where God's Holy Spirit ministered to all who were there and it truly was a time of being more blessed to give than to receive by this team. I will be posting more details of the trip in the coming days and weeks but I first wanted to post a picture of the team and a list of their names. From left to right we are: Sheila Sauve, Cathy Talley,RN, Dr. Damon Hughes, Charis Scichowski, Cherie Hodges, RN, Bobby Lormand, RN, Joseph LeBlanc, Sydney Johnson, RN, Dr. Cheri LeBlanc, Brenda Clark.

For the Glory of Christ we lifted up His cross to the hurting of Honduras and were touched ourselves in ways we may never be able to express but we hope to do so with pictures and words in this blog.

Because He Lives,
Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc


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