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Sunday, February 03, 2008

More pics from Memphis

Here is another picture of the awesome worship before everyone headed to their destination to show this region the Servolution power of God!
Mo and Ele at the community center in Hollywood. This is right in the middle of the area that has the infant mortality the same as third world countries. God's army showed up in red shirts, 2 big medical trucks, hotdogs, hamburgers, music, and the power of God!
The police presence with us was obvious! This was the first time ever that we had horses at one of our outreaches. These guys were so nice and appreciative that we drove all the way from Baton Rouge to serve their community.

A few more later . . .


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Go Global Everyone said...

What an awesome weekend to have your team in Memphis . I really enjoyed talking with you and enjoyed getting some great lessons on serving with Medical Units. Thanks for your insight and we will keep you in our prayers as you expand your CAPACITY to serve.

Vasan and Sherrie


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