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Friday, January 25, 2008

Memphis Road Trip

Ele and Mo took a road trip today to an awesome church in Memphis, Tennessee, called The Life Church of Memphis. We have come to share our units and our experience of our healthcare ministry. This church has been heartbroken by the extremely high infant mortality in their "backyard". Pastor John Siebling has called the church to not only pray for this situation, but to go into the community to learn what they can do to help prevent this. They asked the healthcare providers of all types to sign up for an outreach and had an incredible response from their congregation. Then (here is the part that is so cool!) they asked us to bring our medical and dental units to their first outreach and to talk to their core group of people about how we got started!!!! A dream come true for me, to share what God has done in us and through us.

We left HPC at 5:30am and the units arrived at 3:30pm in Memphis just as it was starting to sleet. The units hadn't been there 5 minutes when a lady walked into the dental unit to ask us what we did in there. Thinking she was in need of dental services, we explained that we were from Baton Rouge partnering with The Life Church to provide free dental care to people in need. She asked how Joyce Meyer was involved and we explained that Joyce Meyer Ministries had purchased the unit for us to be able to travel to people in need. We also explained all that we did with the units back home and how many people we had been able to bless last year because of this unit.

The lady, almost in tears, said "God has answered my question." As we looked at her questioningly, she explained. She states that she watches Joyce Meyer on TV every day, and just the night before she had ordered a book of hers. And as she did so she wondered to herself if the money that Joyce Meyer Ministries received really went to helping people. And here, the very next day, she sees this big truck with "donated by Joyce Meyer Ministries" printed on the side -- and she followed it until it stopped at The Life Church. So after hearing all that we did, made possible because of Joyce Meyer Ministries, she said that she now would support her ministry even more because she was able to talk to and see for herself how the money was spent. How cool is that!!!!

I'll give updates on the outreach tomorrow . . .

Blessings, Cheri and Joseph


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Ms.Sarah said...

Hi my name is Sarah Carpenter and I
had a chance to just stop by the Hollywood Community Center and talk to Joseph just seen the Big buses up there.Just wish I woud have known I would have got so many children to come out.I talk to
Joseph about in this community we have a Church on every corner and we seem to be failing a whole generation of children.Thank you all for coming to the Hollywood community. Be Blessed Sarah Carpenter

At 7:19 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Thank you so much for coming all the way and spending your weekend here! It was SUCH a blessing to have you here and you made such an impact with your great attitudes and giving spirits! I pray God continues to bless your ministry abundantly!



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