b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: Day 2 - Servolution "Memphis style"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 2 - Servolution "Memphis style"

Our second day in Cordova, TN at The Life Church just east of Memphis was filled with expectation and hope for what Christ was going to do with us and through us. We arrived early in the morning at the church parking lot where Ele and Mo were parked. It was very foggy outside and cold. We learned that Ele had used up a lot of oil on the trip up and she was in need of fresh oil. I wondered if that was God’s way of anointing what the medical unit was about to do?

We headed inside for prayer with Pastor John Siebeling and worship in the sanctuary before leaving and going into a downtown area of Memphis that required police crowd control horses and physical presence. However, all was peaceful this day and the police became a part of what we were attempting to do in this community which was to show the love of Christ to a dying generation. Cheri and I even got to take a picture with two beautiful horses in front of the medical unit. There was one police officer assigned to stay with us until we finished and rolled out at 4pm. And, I made a special effort to thank him for staying with us after everyone else had left. He smiled and was blown away that we would drive over 400 miles to serve his community.

Flu vaccines were given, blood pressures taken, sugars tested, and teeth pulled…and patients prayed for all for the Glory of God. The people were served by the local church as Cheri and I just stepped back and enjoyed the fruit of our labor offering advice where we could and watching others catch the vision of what God can do with a heart to serve and a spirit that says “let’s start a servolution for Jesus”.

The doctors and dentists and other health care providers were blown away by the hurting right in their own backyard. The outpouring of the people they served was overwhelming. They were encouraged that something like a mobile medical and dental unit could have a huge impact on their community for Christ. And, it is my prayer that a fire would burn in their hearts for the lost, the hurting, and the forgotten in their community to continue to reach with medical help. Who knows, they may even have their own medical unit one day…watch out Pastor John your people are fired up!

We sometimes think that we have to travel half way around the world to make a difference for Christ. But, I can tell you that if you just open your spiritual eyes and trust Christ you will see a greater need right in your own backyard. Start a revolution by serving one another and watch God show up in a big way.

Thank you Pastor John and Leslie for inviting us to serve with you and a special thanks to all who served and sacrificed for the Kingdom this day!

Joseph and Dr. Cheri


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