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Saturday, February 09, 2008

February in St. Francisville

Another wonderful outreach in St. Francisville. This day we were able to love on 50 people, all for the glory of God. Two precious people who came only to have a tooth removed were able to talk with 2 of our prayer partners. During this time of fellowship they heard the message of the Bible in simple truth for the first time. Because of this encounter they were able to make decisions to ask Jesus to become a real savior in their life. These prayer partners didn't do anything special, they just happened to be the one on the end of a long line of people who loved on them, treated them with respect as they deserve, and showed them Christ by doing the Bible instead of just telling them about it.

Here is Mo, our dental unit, parked outside of the HPC St. Francisville office. What you can't tell in this picture is that the front driver tire is not even touching the ground. The incredible jacks actually lift it off the ground in order to level it inside!


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