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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time, Love and Tenderness

There were several lessons learned in our short time spent in Rio Viejo by this small medical team out of Healing Place Church. One of the more powerful lessons learned by us was watching Bobby Lormand, pictured above, as he ministered to and reached out to a small boy named Eduard. Bobby took the time to show love and tenderness to this young boy. At first Eduard was crying and fearful of being in the medical clinic. Bobby called him Amigo and took the time to get to know him even through the language barrier before attempting to exam him in a medical capacity.

What was the lesson learned? Well, it wasn't about the numbers this week. We ministered to over 400 people for the glory of Christ. And, we could have seen more had that been our focus. But, the time spent to show some love and tenderness yielded a greater harvest for the kingdom. And this team decided it wasn't about the numbers so much as it was about the one. Just ask young Eduard as his tears were drying he looked at Bobby and said through an interpreter, "I wasn't crying because of you...because you are my Amigo - Friend".

Were miracles performed by God this week...yes, and I hope to share one or two of those in a future blog. But, perhaps the greatest miracle of all is Love. Christ showed His love to us on the cross so that we could be free to show His love to others.

Because He does indeed Live and Love,
Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc


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