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Sunday, December 10, 2006

More from New Orleans

This is the view from the big tent that was used as the waiting room, nurses station and prayer room. It was very cold that day and there was a kerosene heater to warm the air. It was hard to determine what was worse: the fumes or the cold. But it didn't stop the servants from loving on each and every person that came through the line.
I forgot to state in yesterday's post that we saw 93 patients in the mobile clinic. All to the glory of God. Each of these patients was loved on by the receptionist at registration, one nurse to take their medical history, another nurse to take their vital signs, a physician, and each and every one was ministered to by a prayer partner. So many lives were touched by the love of Christ.

One of the stories was a lady that I saw with a complaint of crying all the time; she didn't know why she spent so much time crying. Gayle, Healing Hands' wonderful prayer leader, was able to spend some time with her. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they were able to figure out what the problem was. This sweet lady's church had not returned after Katrina, and she had not found another because she had no car and no church close by. She had no family except her church family and they were now gone. She had no fellowship with Believers. Gayle was able to talk to the church at Firehouse, introduce them to this lady, and they made arrangement to pick her up for service today, Sunday. She now had a new church and family. Gayle tells me that she left with tears of joy and a new spring in her step.

It's not about the medicine, not about any single church, not about a ministry, it's about fellowship in Christ and demonstrating His love.

More to come. . .


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