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Monday, June 04, 2007

Healing Hands going to Peru

We have been given the opportunity to take a team to Lima, Peru from June 8th - 17th. We will be doing medical mission's work with a great church, Camino de Vida. We know that we will learn a lot by observing how they do things, way. . . . way down south.
Pictured here is the team at our last prayer meeting. We have been planning this for the last 4 months, and we have all taken turns fasting and praying over the last month. Now as we go into battle we need prayer partners to continue to pray for us and the people that we are being sent to touch. We don't go expecting to accomplish what we can achieve in our own strength, we know that we go with the power of the Spirit of God! There is a saying that Pastor Dino always has us say in Healing Place Church, "Jesus is here and anything can happen!" Well, the "here" is inside of us!
Stay tuned for our posts from Peru, if we can find an internet cafe!

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