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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Gift - by Brenda Clark

For me God was all up in this from the beginning. Just the mention of a mission trip to Honduras perked up my ears as well as my spirit. I felt God’s protection and peace over me and the entire team. Even when we had to cross “Indiana Jones” style swing bridges. Yes, missing planks and all; and over a river way below in the pouring down rain!! Who said I was afraid of heights! Not me!! Even when 15 of us piled into a minivan for the 20 minute drive to where we unloaded for the 45 minute to 1 hour hike up that mountain to the village to do a clinic. I felt complete strength and peace during the trip up and down the mountain to the small village of “Paraiso” (Paradise).

The faces of the children in the villages as well as those visiting the clinic will be imprinted in my spirit forever. Many of them had never seen a doctor or nurse before and were very scared, but we loved on them all and my heart melted with compassion for them. Many grandparents brought their grandchildren that, for many different reasons, were raising them. One such grandmother told me the story of her little 9 year old granddaughter that she had been raising since she was dropped off to her as a baby. The little girl’s father died and this grandmother’s daughter dropped the baby off to her and never contacted either one of them again. So sad, but this little girl had such a sweet loving spirit and loved her grandmother dearly, I immediately fell in love with both of them. The situations and needs do not change much from this country and throughout the world, just the geography.

Before leaving to Honduras, my 4 year old granddaughter donated a little stuffed animal to give to a little child. I had explained to her where I was going and what we were going to do. I told her that she wouldn’t be able to go with me but that she could still be a part of it by sending something of hers to give to a child. I asked God to let me know who I was to give the little Chick to and here she is …….Merary, a little 2 year old that just stole my heart with her sweet smile and big brown eyes. All afternoon we heard the little chick “Peeping”. It was a sweet sound to my spirit. My granddaughter, in turn, also learned a lesson in giving and helping another child less fortunate than herself. She keeps her picture on her dresser in her room to remind her. The bible says that if we teach them while they are young, they will not forget these small gestures of kindness and of giving and will be a part of them always.

“Train up a child in the ways of the Lord and when they are older, they will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6

Dr. Martin and Wendy have such a special relationship with their patients as well as those in the small communities and villages surrounding them. As one of the interpreters, I would catch things he would say to them that just would lose its context once translated. He would pick and cut up with them, and all I could do was laugh and join in with him. I have the utmost respect for Dr Martin and Wendy and pray for them and their children for the incredible and hard work they are doing in this area. God is working with this ministry and with His grace the fruitful results are beginning to show. Dr Martin’s name and clinic are becoming well known. We picked at him because we really believed his name should be PASTOR Dr. Martin Williams (Alias Indiana Jones). May God’s grace and favor continue to pour over their lives and their work.

It was an honor to serve on this team and I thank Dr. Cheri and Joe for asking me to be a part of it. Also many thanks to my team members for looking out for me and showing me grace when most needed.

To God be the Glory,

Brenda Clark


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