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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unity in Christ

As I look back on the lessons and wins for this medical team that God put together from very diverse backgrounds there is one overwhelming quality that stands out...unity. We were special not because of any one person on the team, or even the various gifts that each had. We were special because of the unity we had in fellowship...a unity in Christ.

The picture above was taken on our third day of outreaches. We were up the mountain from Rio Viejo, approximately 20 kilometers, inside of a small classroom where we set up clinic. The small village we were in was named Paradise. And, it truly was that as we had to hike up to this region through the jungle and crossing by foot over three rivers. The view from the top was beautiful. What an adventure that tested this team! Our guide to this area and missionary host was Dr. Martin Williams, but his attire reminded us all of a medical Indiana Jones.

As we headed back down the mountain in the afternoon rain there seemed to be a serenity to the team that words really cannot describe. I heard no complaints or fussing from the team members...except I did hear a small quiet voice inside of me say, "With unity there is peace to overcome any mountain and joy to endure the trial."

Unified in Christ,
Joseph and Cheri LeBlanc


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