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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Praying Women in St. Francisville

Just home from a wonderful clinic in St. Francisville. Such awesome servants, many who have been with the clinic since we started at this location in July 2006. We have wonderful relationships with our patients - especially our prayer partners. During this one-on-one time the patients really get to talk to a caring person about what is troubling them, besides the physical part. Many of these women are concerned about their children and grandchildren; and have been praying for them. We, as a community of believers, have been standing with them and praying with them month after month. Many tears have fallen and much seed has been planted. Today, we were honored to hear about the fruit of this labor of love.

The day started as our clinics always do, with the servants standing in a circle and holding hands and asking God to bless our time with these precious people, to thank Him for allowing us to serve them. 

The stories of healed relationships and bondages of addictions being broken were not from one or two ladies, but from five or six!! All today!

I could tell of hundreds of stories about how diabetics are improving and blood pressure is better and cholesterol is lower and teeth are flying (30 were pulled today), but these are all temporary. What we heard about today were things that have an eternal impact on these kids and grandkids of our patients that we may never see on Earth. But because we provided an environment to help their mother or grandmother with a physical need, these kids were prayed for in a place where God's people were concerned about the hurting heart of our patients that went beyond something that can be measured with a lab test.

Thank you Healing Place Church for providing this environment and to our volunteers who have prayed and cried with these ladies. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to see a part of Your harvest.

All for HIS glory,
Dr. Cheri


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