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Monday, December 22, 2008

No Room in the Inn

Our final outreach of the year was at the Spanish Campus in St. Amant.  The church site that we normally go to was all booked up and there was no room for us.  I pondered this as we were moved to a location in the back of shopping center next to the church.  The Saturday before Christmas.  A celebration of the birth of our Savior.  

I knew our Lord was up to something.  A sort of exclamation point to a year that had many ups and downs for us.  Yet, our God is still in control and he wanted to let us know with an out of the ordinary outreach.  So many lives were touched this day.  But there is one story of a Spanish lady that came into the clinic for the first time...

As this lady entered Ele, the medical clinic, she began to weep and was overcome by the presence of God.  She could not express how she was feeling but knew something was different in the air.  As she was escorted to the back exam room, one of our interpreters, Sheila began to speak with her.  Doctor Cheri was preparing to go into see her and requested that we have someone from the Spanish campus church come in to speak with her.  Before anyone could get there Sheila was leading this lady to the Lord as she confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior inviting Him into her heart.  Praise God!

Miracles still happen out back just as the miracle of a savior being born over 2000 years ago for all mankind...behind an inn.

All for His Glory,
Joseph LeBlanc 


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