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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Table before the Lord

For two of our clinic outreaches up in the mountains of Honduras we had to prepare our own lunch and pack it with us as there were no restaurants around or prepared food for us...so we thought. In the photo above Charis is very happily showing off a plate of food. But, this was no ordinary food!

As we arrived in Paradise, Honduras we all got ready to serve and minister to the people of this small and remote village up in the mountain. We expected to eat our sandwiches with only a small break during our outreach. However, something amazing happened that I would call a miracle of giving. A lady from the local village who is pictured in the background of the photo above did something for us that we never expected. She had prepared a home cooked meal with the best ingredients she could acquire and served each and everyone one of us from her best serving ware.

As I looked around I noticed that none of the plates matched. With a humble heart and a humble spirit this lady served us the best tasting beans and tortillas I had ever eaten. I believe in life we mistakenly go through all the trouble to prepare the trappings of what is presented (matching plates, etc.) instead of focusing on what is really being presented.

We are merely vessels to be poured out for others in Christ. As I sat there with tears in my eyes I heard a soft still voice say, "the table I have prepared for you is far greater than any you could prepare for yourself". The Lord had prepared a table for us before Him. He did not do it with a a lot of fanfare or excitement. Instead He used the service of this lady to touch each and everyone of our hearts in a humble and powerful way.

I cannot say what it will look like to be seated at the banquet table before the Lord of Lords and King of Kings one day...but it may very well look like the photo above! All of us with smiles on our faces, a gladness in our spirit, and thankfulness in our hearts!!!

Because He LIVES,
Joseph LeBlanc


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