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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blessed Feet - by Sheila

One of My favorite parts of the Honduran trip--

The 3rd day was the most grueling, but exciting day. We went to this school in the jungle at a village to set up clinic. To begin with, we had to walk down a steep muddy path and I panicked a little. I sure thought I was going to fall and break something, but finally got down. Part of the path to the first river was very rocky and sometimes hard to find sure footing. Crossing the river was up to mid-thigh on me and very rocky and difficult. One lady who is from there and crosses all the time, came across barefoot to hold our hands and help us ladies across.

After that, the rest of the path was not bad, but there was a very muddy part of the path for which there was no way around. We all had our tennis shoes covered in mud. Finally after arriving, we went to wash our shoes under the faucet and a lady bent over and gently began washing the mud off. It seemed like Jesus was there washing my feet..I didn't want her to do it -that was too sweet but she wouldn't stop till they were cleaned. I felt humbled. I wonder if that is how the disciples felt. I did so appreciate it - it was a lot of mud and that made it a lot easier than doing it all myself.

We then set up clinic in the schoolroom. The dentist (Dr. Damon) used a kids chair and a cooler as his chair to sit on as he pulled teeth. We had the patient lay on two tables pulled together for the dental chair. Kids were watching through the bars and lined up outside along with adults.

It was an incredible day...to see so many people and be able to help them. When we were nearing the finishing point for the day the same lady who helped us cross the river barefoot came to us about her feet. They were red and cracked. We prayed for this lady also and all I could think of was that His word says Blessed are the feet of them who carry the Gospel...I prayed silently "Make her feet blessed..she works so hard to help bring this event about."

Even she and some of the ladies had prepared a wonderful Honduran meal for us. It was amazing and they were the tastiest beans you've ever eaten with homemade tortillas, eggs and delicious Honduran coffee. The Love of God was all over the place.

On the trip back it poured down rain and we got drenched. I left my wet tennis on so I could walk through the 3 rivers. It was easier to go back up the steep slope than going down. When we got back from that trip the showers were not working because of very low water pressure so everyone had to wait. Later as water was gathered, some was heated on the stove then poured in a bucket to be scooped up for a shower. One by one we took our showers...

Sheila Sauve


At 4:03 AM, Blogger Go Global Everyone said...

Great posts Dr. Cheri. Thanks for letting God use you for this great work. We think about you often in Memphis Tn. I cant't wait to see you all again.



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