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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Drawn by the Spirit

This past Saturday after Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to go to Healing Place Church in St. Francisville, LA.  The medical and dental outreach was special but we had no idea how special or what our God would do this day...

A man drove up to the dental unit at about noon in a golf cart that he had borrowed from his employer right down the street.  I was standing outside at the time and the man walked up to me and was heavily intoxicated.  He told me that he had an appointment and that he had been drinking.  His exact words to me were "I am not gonna lie I have been drinking".   I sensed in my spirit that this man was crying out for help so I did not turn him away but personally escorted him into the clinic.  I stayed with him and talked to him.  I knew that Dr. Cheri would not treat his medical condition because of his drunken state but I sensed that he was here for a reason and it was at that moment inside of the medical unit that our lead drive David Ziegler joined me inside of Ele (medical unit).    

As expected Dr. Cheri interviewed the man and told him that if he didn't quit the alcohol that she would not be able to be his doctor in this clinic.  These were tough words but they were loving words because his medical condition could result in serious injury to his body if he continued to drink alcohol.  The man did not get angry - and this was a miracle - but I know it was God's grace as our God provided 4 male volunteers in the medical unit at the time...2 male nurses this day which is extremely rare for our outreaches. 

David and I escorted the man outside of the medical unit and the most important part of what we do transpired.  The man allowed David and I to pray for him and with him.  And it was in the prayer that God spoke to David about this man's lifestyle and actions while drunk that only God knew.  The man at that moment looked up to heaven and cried out..."God you see what I am doing!"  We finished the prayer asking our Lord to change this man's life and that he would live for you.  The man said he loved us and would change.  We told him that God loves him and that we love him and are here for him.  He drove off in the golf cart and we could sense as we watched him that he was definitely drawn by God's spirit this day!!!

For HIS Glory!
Joseph LeBlanc


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