b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: 1st Gustav Medical Outreach

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1st Gustav Medical Outreach

We are planning to take the medical unit (Ele) to Donaldsonville tomorrow. I understand that this area has been severely affected with many homes being completely destroyed.

If there are any nurses who read this and are able, please go to the Highland campus at 9am on Thursday morning to meet by Ele in the side parking lot. We will see what the needs are in this community. I am praying that we can get our medications out of the storage unit in the morning. I'm not sure if they have power or not. My family does not have power, as does most of Baton Rouge.

Appreciate your prayers. This has been extremely difficult on a personal level. But we will continue to trust God to give us the strength not only to endure our personal struggles but to also be able to give to others.

Dr. Cheri


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