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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Going the 2nd Mile

This weekend we had an awesome opportunity to drive several miles north of Baton Rouge to St. Francisville.  Now, the title of this blog is "Going the 2nd Mile" and I am not referring to the distance that the mobile medical and dental units have to travel.  

The team in St. Francisville always serves up Christ with such excellence.  They even cleaned out a supply closet so that we could use it as a prayer closet!  The ministry started in a small electrical closet and here we are four years later still in the closet.  Lord may we never get out of the prayer closet in all that we do!

The story I want to tell of going the second mile is about one of our volunteers, Cherie Lormand, who has responded to God's call to pray with the women who come into the clinic and to help develop a prayer discipline for all prayer volunteers.  When I heard of what Cherie had done in prayer with one of the elderly ladies this weekend, I had to celebrate her story.  

A lady came in for medical attention like all of the others, but this grandmother had a heavy heart concerning her grandson.  Her concern was not revealed until she got into the prayer closet with Cherie Lormand.  As Cherie listened to the grandmother's heart about how her grandson was being verbally abused by a family member, a heart of compassion developed.  As I heard of the details of what was done and said to the grandson, my heart broke, and what Cherie did in response was the very heart of Christ.

Cherie prayed with the grandmother and when she finished asked for permission to call the grandson and pray with him over the phone!  Now that is going the second mile for Christ! Only God knows how He will use the healing offered this day by the hands of a servant of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ!  Thanks Cherie for being the hands and feet of Christ this day!

All for HIS Glory and Because He Lives,

Joseph LeBlanc


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