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Sunday, June 10, 2007

More of Huachipa

Here are more pictures from Huachipa. The top picture is one of many brick factories in these areas - because there is a lot of dirt! It is hard manual labor that often children must work in to provide for the family. Just below the area we were in (because we are on the side of the mountain) has one of the factories.

The bottom picture is what Huachipa looks like: just brick and wood shelters with dirt floors. There is a constant wind which throws dust EVERYWHERE ( I think I said that in my last post, so you get the point!) This picture may not give you the proper feel for how steep this mountain actually is. You notice that there is not alot of green here. There are a few plants like cactus and bouganvilla which grows wild here. Everything has a thick layer of dust on it - even the beautiful bouganvilla flowers. All water that they use to wash, cook and drink must be bought. That is because it doesn't rain here. There is extemely high humidity and once or twice a year it may mist to drizzle. But you can see, if it did rain thousands would be killed in mud slides. God always knows what He is doing.

I want you to really look at this bottom picture. This is how they live. One of our team said he would never complain about anything again! We are so blessed. Yet we say this so much that I think we don't fully realize what we are saying. Look again at this picture and look at where you are right now. And really, with a sincere heart thank God for the grace in your life. I know I am.
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