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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Faces of Huachipa

One of the things that we were able to be a part of was giving the children worm medicine. The parent needs to come with the child to give permission for them to have the medicine. The top picture is the line waiting for the medicine and they bring a jug of water to swallow it with.
This little boy in the second picture was just too cute to pass up. Kids even here play in tires! (I can't get the pictures where I want them! Please forgive me, por favor!)

The third picture is Charis with some of the girls. An easy way to make friends is take a picture of them and then show them the digital photo.

The last picture is one of three 'services' that was going on. This was the young women in the community. Most girls are married at 14 or 15 and have babies almost immediately. Peruvians look even younger than they really are, so most of the time it looked like children holding younger children. Charlotte spoke to these young women and shared the Gospel with them. I was able to speak to the older women. This is where the wisdom of the community was. These women have hard lives; the pastor's wife told me that most don't even have a table in there home, there is no such thing as running water, never enough food and dust EVERYWHERE. But still they came to hear the Word of God and had joy in there face. They are determined to provide the best life they can for their family. They are the glue that holds things together. What a privilege is was for me to get to speak to them.

The last of the three services was the children - which was the largest. All of the men went to that one. I'll cover it in the next blog. Please leave a comment for us to let us know that you are praying for us!
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At 9:13 PM, Blogger dan ohlerking said...

cool to see it's going well for y'all on the trip. great pics, too!


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