b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: April 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracle of Trevion

This is one of those blogs that we should never have to post, because it never should have happened. This precious boy is Trevion and he is 6 years old. Three weeks ago he was riding his bike in front of his house in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Boys in his neighborhood began fighting, guns were pulled out to shoot at each other, but instead a stray bullet hit Trevion's leg.

His mother contacted Healing Place Church because he needed a walker. Having been in a wheelchair, he will finally be allowed to put weight on his leg this coming week. But his mother didn't have the money for the walker that would be needed to aid in his recovery. Healing Hands was contacted to see if we had anything to help him. We did not have anything that small, so I sent an email out to the servants of Healing Hands to see if anyone had one. I sent this last Wednesday at 5:30pm, by 11am the next morning Trevion had a walker!

Danielle received my email and sent it to people that she knew including her mother, Donna LeBlanc, who works as the Human Resource manager at Rigdon Marine. After explaining to her company what the need was, they did not hesitate to make this purchase for Trevion. So many others also contacted me about this need.

How awesome to see the body of Christ come together to see a need met amongst our own. We were able to bring him the walker during our clinic on Saturday. We were able to show the love of Christ to this boy and his mother. Pictured above is Dr. Cheri, Trevion, and Danielle.

THANK YOU Rigdon Marine and all who responded to this need. We can make a difference in this world ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

In case you are wondering, this family does not attend Healing Place. But that never matters to us, because Jesus loves them all, and so do we.

Because HE loves us,
Dr. Cheri and Joe

Monday, April 07, 2008

Open Doors

The doors of heaven were opened in St. Francisville last Saturday and we sensed a new and fresh Spirit come into us and the ministry. In the photo on this page are two of our drivers (Bill Bergeron and John Rentz) opening up the doors of Healing Hands in St. Francisville to the many who came in hurting and broken to be healed by the great physician...Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support!


Joseph and Dr. Cheri