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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Church of the King in Lake Charles

Wow, our second road trip in 2 months. This time to a west Louisiana town called Lake Charles to visit Church of the King. This is a young church, only about a year old, but already with a strong desire to reach hurting people in their community.

They have a couple of doctors in their church who are willing to sacrifice their time to see people for free. They don't want to do this to make a name for themselves. They aren't doing it so people will say, "Look what good people they are." They do it as a 'tool' to bring the Good News to people in need. Dr. Jason and Dr. Chris are using the gifts that God gave them to show people (not just tell them) that Jesus loves them. If that is your primary goal, then how can you fail!
This is Joe and I with Pastor Todd and Lisa Schumacher, lead pastor at Church of the King. What an awesome couple with an almost palpable drive to reach people to show them Jesus. I watched Pastor Todd speak with each patient as they left the clinic, pray with many of them, and walk them back to their car. I even heard a conversation with one of their volunteers offering to go pick up the son of one of the patients to bring him to church the next day because he didn't have a car.

Leadership Network has researched churches with successful health care ministries and found that there are 3 key components that are common to all of them. First is a person with the calling and drive to work through the challenges to see this type of ministry become a reality. I see this in Dr. Jason and his wife. The second is that the senior pastor also shares this vision and willing to support the ministry. I certainly see that in Pastor Todd, as I am blessed to have the support of Pastor Dino at Healing Place Church.
The third component of a successful health care ministry is a committed volunteer base. Well, here is a picture of the servants of the first clinic at Church of the King. The first of many!!

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and show you what we do. All for HIS glory!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spanish sutures?

You just never know what you are going to get to do in the mobile medical unit. We had a gentleman come to the clinic and asked us to remove sutures from his hand so that he didn't have to wait in the ER where he had had them emergently placed 10 days before.

Carefully supervised experience for our aspiring nurse, Charis. Memories for everyone - including our patient.

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Donaldsonville in Feb.

We had an awesome time in D'ville for our February clinic. We had the most volunteers ever at D'ville and maybe the most patients! Praise God for both.

We were so busy that no one thought to take a picture until we were almost finish eating the best meal in D'ville yet! Thank you, David for preparing and cooking such a great meal.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dentistry From the Heart

Friday February 8th was "Dentistry From the Heart" Day in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Hats off to Dr. Ed Hood - a local dentist with the heart to give back to his community. This is the 3rd year in a row that he used his office, called together his dentist friends, and served as many people as they could - ALL for FREE!

There were people waiting at his door at 3am on that cold Friday morning. Dr. Hood had asked if we could bring Mo, our dental unit, to add 2 more dental chairs to the fun. Bill Bergeron (one of our drivers) brought Mo at 6am, and had to manuver through the crowd. One of our dental assistant volunteers, Stacey Adams, spent the day assisting the dentists in the mobile clinic.

The totals for the day: approximately 100 people, 88 extractions, 31 fillings and 19 cleanings!! The dental unit saw 13 of those patients and did 25 extractions.

You are an awesome blessing Dr. Hood and your whole team! Looking forward to next year.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

February in St. Francisville

Another wonderful outreach in St. Francisville. This day we were able to love on 50 people, all for the glory of God. Two precious people who came only to have a tooth removed were able to talk with 2 of our prayer partners. During this time of fellowship they heard the message of the Bible in simple truth for the first time. Because of this encounter they were able to make decisions to ask Jesus to become a real savior in their life. These prayer partners didn't do anything special, they just happened to be the one on the end of a long line of people who loved on them, treated them with respect as they deserve, and showed them Christ by doing the Bible instead of just telling them about it.

Here is Mo, our dental unit, parked outside of the HPC St. Francisville office. What you can't tell in this picture is that the front driver tire is not even touching the ground. The incredible jacks actually lift it off the ground in order to level it inside!

Last Memphis Pics

This is Pastor John and Leslie Siebeling with their children. What an honor it was for us to be able to serve them.
Here is part of the team that served in the medical unit. We are praying that they are ignited with the fire of God to reach their community with the love of Christ by providing healthcare.

On the road again, heading back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The drivers were able to share our story with several people at the gas stations along the way home.
Thanks again, Life Church of Memphis!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

More pics from Memphis

Here is another picture of the awesome worship before everyone headed to their destination to show this region the Servolution power of God!
Mo and Ele at the community center in Hollywood. This is right in the middle of the area that has the infant mortality the same as third world countries. God's army showed up in red shirts, 2 big medical trucks, hotdogs, hamburgers, music, and the power of God!
The police presence with us was obvious! This was the first time ever that we had horses at one of our outreaches. These guys were so nice and appreciative that we drove all the way from Baton Rouge to serve their community.

A few more later . . .