b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: September 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 2 - Leadership Network

Sorry, no pictures. Too much time learning from others and dreaming, and listening for God's soft still voice to tell us what direction we need to go in. Because it's His direction we want.

We are learning so much from each other. Some clinics do some things so well, but have never thought of other things. For example, one clinic is known as a Christian clinic - not directly connected to a church, but has 6 churches that they partner with for financial and volunteer resources. But they don't have any structured "prayer partners" availble during their clinic hours. So much to learn from each other. None of them had ever thought of a mobile clinic as part of their ability to do outreach into needing communities close by their standing clinics.

What they challenged us with yesterday is what we see our ministries being in 2 years, what steps are needed to get it there. Then to break it down to what are our goals for the next 6 months and devise a plan on how to achieve it.

So, I'm taking a pole. Let me know what YOU see as some short term and long term goals for Healing Hands. Here is your chance to dream with us.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day 1 Leadership Network - Dallas, TX

Greetings from Big D,

Joe and I were honored to travel with Johnny and Roxanne Green to Dallas, Texas to represent Healing Place Church in the Healthcare Community of the Leadership Network. We are one of 8 Christian healthcare ministries/clinics that is participating in the Leadership Network's first Healthcare Initiative Leadership Community.

The purpose of these 3 days of meetings is to get to "brainstorm" with other groups from around the country about how do deliver healthcare to people in need where the center is Christ. It is such a diverse group meeting these needs in very innovative ways. The Network's role is to have us participate in activities to stimulate us to think of ways to take what we do and do it better. We are sharing resources, telling stories, and praising God for what He is doing all around the country.

And guess what? We are the only group that is doing this with a mobile clinic!

Stay tuned, more to follow.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mt. Olive Trailer Outreach 9.19.06

It has been nearly 13 months since Hurricane Katrina leveled southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Our outreach to be the healing hands of Christ extended at Mount Olive on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 struck us as if it was only 13 days after the storm instead of 13 months. The pain and suffering has not diminished. I would like to share a couple of stores to this point.

My name is Joseph LeBlanc, and you guessed it, I am Doctor Cheri's husband. I also drive the mobile medical clinic to the sites as needed. After I set up the clinic for the team I change hats and become a prayer partner. The medical team can only do so much in the natural. Prayer and an ear to listen can bring so much more healing to the people we see in our outreaches. Mount Olive was no exception in this regard.

One man who came just for blood pressure medicine to stabilize himself before surgery was blessed by our team at every touch before sitting down with me for prayer. As I listened to him speak, he started to weep. His family had been torn apart by the storm and trying to get back together has been difficult at best. He apologized to me for crying, saying that he should be stronger than this and didn't want anyone to see him crying. I knew that the Holy Spirit was present and I assured him that there was no shame in crying. He felt alone and forgotten in the FEMA trailer park. My prayer with him was personal, but I know that God will reunite him with his mother and family for the glory of God, because He loves us.

Another gentleman was battling depression. He stated that he thanked God for saving him from the storm. He also had not seen his mother since the storm. I encouraged him to get into the Word, he commented that he could not read since he lost his reading glasses in the storm. We had brand new reading glasses in the mobile unit and I blessed him with two pair. I will never forget the smile and the joy on his face as he tried them on.

Why do we do this? For the glory of God and to bring the message and hope of Jesus Christ.

Because He lives,
Joseph LeBlanc

Monday, September 18, 2006

Spanish Time! 9.17.06

Our monthly clinic in Gonzales, LA, began with a much smaller volunteer crew than we usually have, but God is faithful.

We saw 40 people that day with 4 providers: an internist, nurse practioner, pediatrician, and chiropracter. It was a great day. But what was even greater was the blessings that came from other directions.

There was a church member at HPC Spanish Campus that had been going to church there for 2 months and had gone to her first church prayer meeting the night before, and found out about the clinic outreach scheduled for the next day. She decided to come check it out. We were short a couple of translators, and guess what her job is? Medical translation!!!! Needless to say, we put her to use immediately and she is excited to become part of our team there!!

A patient was walking in as one of the nurses was attempting to draw blood on a difficult vein. The patient asked if she could try, as she is a phlebotomist! After talking with her, she had to move here from up north because her younger sister is in need of 24 hour care and she came to be with more family. She has been unable to work because of her family commitments and has felt worthless because there was nothing she could do to contribute to the Kingdom. When I told her how needed and valued her service to us would be, she was glowing! She will make arrangements with her other family so she can have those 4 hours to donate to God in this clinic every month. Her whole countanence changed and she saw her purpose.

What blessings could you receive if you bless someone with your time and talent? We are blessed to be a blessing. Every one of our volunteers make an impact in many people's lives at every clinic, and usually walk away with their own spirits lifted and weights taken away. Try it, you just might like it.

Thank you, Jesus, for another incredible clinic.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dream Center Clinic 9.14.06

We continue to have the same experience at each clinic: every clinic is different. That is the ONLY thing that is the same, change. We had another incredible clinic at the Dream Center in Donaldsonville. This is a very challenging area because the needs are so huge, and we always have the least amount of volunteers.

But God is faithful, and He shows Himself strong especially when we are not. We were a team of 9, and what a wonderful team it was. For the first time ever we had more nurses than anything else. And you know what? Without being asked 2 of the nurses moved into areas they usually don't do. One became a prayer partner and one a receptionist. Our other receptionist actually had to take a vacation day off of work to come and volunteer!

One lady in a wheelchair arrived crying because of the pain she was in just moving around to get to us. When she left the prayer room she was smiling, obvious that her spirits were lifted, and insisted on being wheeled around to give everyone a hug to thank us. Then we were the ones crying.

Pictures above are some of the nurses in the mobile unit, the prayer room in the church nursery and our waiting room in the church lobby. And of course Ele (mobile clinic) in front of the church.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

St. Francisville 9.9.06

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We had a little break with the holiday, and Ele (mobile clinic) was at the doctor. We will catch up with our clinics, because we have 4 clinics in 10 days!
We were in St. Francisville for our 2nd clinic in this community. We had 7 return visits and 2 new patients scheduled. Our patients for the day turned out to be 17! Why the increase? Because they all brought friends. There is nothing better than word of mouth advertising!
We open our doors for any that do not have insurance of any kind. Every step of the way we love on them. There are always lots of smiles and hugs. One of the ladies we saw for the second time was so excited. She told me that after her visit where she had her medical needs met, and she didn't have to worry about how she was going to afford her meds this month, and then was able to meet with our prayer team. She said the encouragement she received has lifted her spirits so much that she was more active. Joined some activities at the Council on Aging and just felt better overall. She brought 2 friends with her to see us!

After our clinic we were able to relax at a local restraunt and thank God for what we were able to be a part of. Pictured above is our group with our bellies and hearts full.

For all of our volunteers out in Baton Rouge: we have our monthly meeting Sunday Sept. 10th at 4pm in Annex II. We also have Vision Night at 6pm at Healing Place Church Highland Campus where we get to hear the heart of our Pastors Dino and Delynn Rizzo.