b Cheri LeBlanc, MD: June 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

From Honduras to St. Francisville

Adjusting to life off of the mission field is not easy especially when God shakes the ground beneath your feet!  We saw miracles in Honduras of God's love for His people, the least of these our brothers.  
From broken bones healed instantly on a grown man to a young girl born with cerebral palsy that could not walk walking out with her mother leading her by the hand, God healed for His glory. And the miracles performed on the flesh of man led to the greatest miracle of all, lives being transformed by accepting Christ as Lord and savior!  So many stories out of Honduras for God's glory.  Our team was hungry and God's Holy Spirit showed up and moved in us, through us, and amongst us!
When we got back home we needed to prepare for our St. Francisville outreach.  One of our regular volunteers to St. Francisville, Tiffany, was also in Honduras with us.  She was wanting to know more about God's Holy Spirit and the baptism that Christ talked about in scripture.  The clinic in St. Francisville was well oiled and God's Holy Spirit showed up by leading one of the patients to give her life to Christ!  WOW!  But, God had more for us to remember this day by.  
Tiffany asked for prayer as she wanted to be baptized with the power of the Holy Spirit and our team gathered around her at the end behind closed doors and the power of God fell in the room first through the prayer warriors as His power flowed through to Tiffany.  With tears in our eyes Tiffany began speaking with the tongues of Angels.  An amazing sight to behold as Tiffany's heart was pure and she so desperately wanted to be closer to a real and living God!
For more stories of Honduras go to www.hpchonduras.wordpress.com.

All for His Glory,
Joseph LeBlanc